Our factory

Our new factory with 140 employees in Fuyong in Shenzhen fulfills all criteria for a modern tool making factory of top level standards. We can deliver the highest quality on both small- and big tool sizes at competitive pricing.

The process flow has been optimized, to smallest detail in this new plant, which is a pre-requisite for high production efficiency and to achieve competitive manufacturing costs.

Our latest standard production equipment consists amongst others of 9 high class CNC milling machines, 11 EDM machines and 5 EDM wire cut machines connected to our machine capability process (MCP). This process enables us to have full control over machining tolerances and it dictates precision in each process step of our machines.

Our Quality system, ISO-9001 certification (by DNV ,Den Norske Veritas) is today the fundamental key to our optimized processes in the workflow. It constantly drives improvements and systematically implements corrective processes in order to avoid mistakes to be repeated.

It is also obvious for us to have European personnel in key positions in the plant, to facilitate project leadership and meet your specific design requests in different languages.

These project leaders are available when you visit or over the phone, in order to make you feel comfortable about your projects, time lines, final testing of your tools or delivery schedules.

At final testing, these team up with our professional in-house moulders in order to conduct the mould tests under the right conditions, and to achieve the parts results under the mandatory pre-suppositions you have requested at order.

After shipment, and when you receive your tools, then our fully owned, local branch offices will take over and make sure your start-up will be a success.